Trying Out Angular CLI

Another Look at Angular

I haven't taken a look at Angular since attending a conference talk by Kent C. Dodds about upgrading from Angular v.1 to v.2. It seemed super neat, but I had my head turned by Tom Dale's talk about Ember js and the performance benchmarks that they had recently achieved.

What Changed?

After taking a few of Wes Bos's tutorials on Node.js, JavaScript and becoming a Command Line Power User, I started to feel much more comfortable picking up new frameworks through the CLI tools that many of them offer. Creating this site in Gatsby.js is another example of my new-found comfort trying out and working in new frameworks.

The Tour of Heros Tutorial

So, this weekend I took a little time to work my way the Tour of Heros tutorial available at This tutorial requires the Angular CLI and I also setup a continuous deployment workflow through netlify. All together the tutorial covered the fundamentals of creating components, routes, and services to make a fun little app. This was also my first experience using TypeScript. It was a frictionless learning experience. I'm excited to take this further and build my own apps using the same setup in the near future.

My Finished Project

Up Next on My Angular CLI Learning Journey

  • Learn more about the end-to-end testing options.
  • Come up with simple Apps to create that I want to use and will let me practice some more.
  • Adding Angular tutorial videos to the rotation of daily video tutorials I watch at lunch or on the train.